Trenching and Excavation

With close to 40 years in the pipelaying industry, Robert Smith has excavated trenches in just about every terrain, ground type and location imaginable. Our highly skilled Operators have learned from his experience and they too have excavated holes in any type of situation that underground infrastructure is designed to go.

We are experts in deep excavations, in all classes of material from Sandstone to sand and from clay to landfill. Our foremen and operators take the time necessary to engineer the safest and most cost effective methods of excavation, pipe installation and backfilling before the job starts and verify as the work progresses that the very best methods are being carried out at all times.

R.A. Smith are experts in management of groundwater and excavating in water charged ground. We are experienced in dewatering using spear points, well points and sump pump techniques. Our Project Management team will negotiate a groundwater management and disposal solution that will satisfy local Authority and DECCW requirements.