Scope of Services – Overview

R.A. Smith Contracting have crews available for your next infrastructure project of any size. Whether you are a developer, Project Manager, Head Contractor or Government Department (State or Local) we are happy to talk to you about planning / design and construction of your Water Utility Services / Sewer or Stormwater project.

Our scope of services includes the following key areas of expertise:

Potable WaterRecycled Water trenching and excavation, extensions, amplifications, renewals, upgrades. Pipelines. Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV’s)Flowmeters, Fire Services. Reticulation Watermains and Trunkmains. Experienced and accredited Mainlayers.

Sewer Trenching and excavation. Sewermain extensions, amplifications, deviations. Sewer junctions and sewer sidelines. Sewer concrete encasements. Sewer / stormwater separation. Sewer carriers, sewer manholes and vent shafts. Experienced and accredited sewer pipe layers.

Stormwater trenching and excavation. Stormwater pipelines, trunk drainage. Stormwater gully pits and culverts. Stormwater diversions and relocations.

Rainwater Harvesting. Above ground and in ground rain water tanks. Stormwater on-site detention tanks. Drainage cells. Rainwater Management Systems.

Water Quality, Stormwater Quality Improvement Devices. Stormwater Gross Pollutant Traps. Capture and treatment of rainwater and stormwater run-off. Water quality management.

PRV’s and Flowmeters Pressure Reducing Valves. Water Pressure Monitoring Points. Flowmeter installation and replacement. Valve replacement.

Trenching and Excavation Civil Contracting. Earthmoving. Bulk and detailed excavation. Pipeline trenches, pipeline installation, backfill and compaction. Trench shoring. Sheet piling. Foundation piling for pipes, pits and manholes. Dewatering of trenches. Groundwater treatment and disposal. Pit and shaft excavation. Micro-tunnel launch pits. Spoil removal. Waste tracking.

Plant and Vehicles. Excavation and earthmoving equipment. Zero swing machines. Rubber tracked excavators. Silenced rock breaking equipment. Multi tyne ripper. 4.5 tonne excavators up to 35 tonne excavators. 4WD backhoe. Tool carrying / service body vehicles. Compressors and jack hammers. Pile driving hammer. Jetpatcher. Asphalting equipment. Flocon road making equipment. Truck and Dog and Bogie tipper trucks. 2 tonne tipper trucks. Crane truck for hire. Experienced excavator operators and heavy vehicle drivers. We can resource equipment to suit jobs of any size and complexity

Non Destructive Digging. Non Destructive Digging (NDD) combines the use of high pressure water jetting with vacuum extraction to create pot-holes and slip trenches for underground cable location without the use of mechanical or hand excavation. NDD is a fast and effective way to find underground services and obstructions to eliminate the risks of damage to utility services and the dangers of excavation around live cables.

Our highly experienced staff are skilled in all facets of pipeline construction. Our range of skills includes pipe laying, confined space entry, form work, steel fixing, concreting, underground service location and traffic control.