Our vision is …

…… market leadership built on fast delivery of superior quality infrastructure.

Mission Statement

Our mission is that we do such a great job in our chosen fields that everyone who comes in contact with us, our clients, their clients, inspectors, government authorities, our sub-contractors and suppliers, our competitors and even people on the street will instantly associate our name and logo with civil contracting. We want each person that comes in contact with us, no matter how they come in contact with us, to only think of us when they think about civil contracting.

When they need a job done we want them to only think of us. When their associates, their friends, their family need a job done we want them to only think about us. When they need a job done that we don’t even do, we want them to wish that we did it. Every time they see a yellow vest, a flouro shirt or a hard hat. Whenever they lace up their boots or pick up a shovel.

We want everybody that comes in contact with us to associate everything to do with civil contracting straight to us. When they go with the cheaper quote we want them to wish they engaged us.

We want every positive thought they have to remind them of RASC and every negative thought they have to lead them back to us.

We will achieve this by identifying our clients needs and wants then delivering more. We will operate in a manner that benefits our clients and the community as well as our organisation.

We will embrace our documented cultural values to maintain a work environment where excellence is achieved through integrity and open communication.

We will strive to reach the top of our field and in turn help our clients to reach the top of theirs.

Culture Statement

4 values important to the BUSINESS for it’s success are……

  • REPUTATION. An outstanding reputation in the industry so that customers are seeking out our services.
  • EXPERIENCE. To constantly build upon our experience to maintain a skill set unrivalled in the industry.
  • TEAMWORK. To continue to build and develop a team of multi-skilled and reliable staff and retain them for the long term.
  • RELATIONSHIPS. To continue to develop and nurture sound relationships with clients, suppliers, sub-contractors and business partners so that every aspect of our business runs faultlessly.

3 values important to the BUSINESS OWNERS for it’s success……

  • SUCCESS. being profitable and meeting key performance indicators.
  • GROWTH. Expanding the asset value of the company, its workers, intellectual property and innovating to find better ways to do things.
  • INTEGRITY. Honesty. Keeping our word. To always act in the best interest of the client and the public.

3 values important to the BUSINESS CLIENTS for it’s success……

  • RELIABILITY. Doing what we say we will do, when we say we are going to do it. Turning up on time and finishing ahead of time.
  • DELIVERY. Meeting and exceeding our clients expectations.
  • VALUE. Providing value for money in product and service delivery. Providing products that will last beyond their full expected life cycle.

4 values important to the TEAM for it’s success……

  • DEVELOPMENT. Provide an environment where the team can learn new skills and develop into better technicians. Providing an environment where the team members can reach their full potential.
  • STABILITY. Maintaining a stable work environment where safety, quality and mateship form a great workplace. Offering opportunities for lifelong careers in the industry with good rewards.
  • COMMUNICATION. Open communication between all players in the business so that all levels of management and staff are involved in the decision making process.
  • SAFETY. A work environment where safety is never compromised. A culture where everyone looks out for one another.