Geelong in the 1970’s was the perfect starting off point for a drainer with his eyes on the bigger picture of laying main sewers and watermains.

The business slowly grew from old tractors and backhoes to brand new equipment, bogie tipper and semi-trailer. Timber getting and firewood sales was a sideline project, inspired by a father who spent his life in the bush felling trees.

A bucket-wheel trencher was a step forward in productivity and pipes were laid at a furious pace. The trencher could dig out more metres before smoko than 2 men could lay in a whole day.

Two young sons were eager to get into dad’s trucks and excavators and learnt from a very young age the value of hard work.

Being a family business it was evident from early on that everyone needed to pitch in and work as a team.

A move to Sydney in the late 1980’s required a rebuilding of the business and the client base. The company’s reputation for honesty, reliability and hard work made sure that the transition was a fairly easy one. R.A. Smith Contracting soon became in hot demand for it’s services and still remains so today. The staff has grown to around 12, with 2 to 3 crews available, depending on the size of the project at hand.

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